Check the status of payments issued to service providers by the Compensation Program in the last twelve months. The report lists account numbers and service dates, check numbers and check dates, and approximate mail out dates. For purposes of confidentiality, checks issued to victims or other private citizens are not included in the online report. Individuals expecting these types of payments may call 1-800-745-6098 to check the status of their payment(s).

All decisions made by the Crime Victims Compensation Board are subject to the Open Records Act, Title 51, OS 24A.1-24A.24. In order to protect the privacy of the victim, information available on these reports is limited, and no victim names are included.

Instructions to Search for Status of Payments:

You may search for a payment using

  1. The Compensation Claim Number
  2. The provider’s account number
  3. The provider’s Vendor ID number as listed with the Oklahoma Office of State Finance

Click the icon below to open the report. In the “find” section, enter the identifying search information. Checks are grouped by the provider’s Vendor ID number.

Check Payment Status