The status of a claim will be one of the following: Pending in the DA’s Office (in the county where the crime occurred), Awaiting Decision, Awarded, Declined, or Continued. Included in the online report are pending claims, claims awaiting decision, and claims that have been decided within the last three years.

All decisions made by the Crime Victims Compensation Board are subject to the Open Records Act, Title 51, OS 24A.1-24A.24. In order to protect the privacy of the victim, information available on these reports is limited, and no victim names are included.

Instructions to Search for Claim Status:

To search for a particular claim, you will need one of the following:

    1. The Compensation Claim Number
    2. The patient’s birthday
    3. The last four digits of the social security number

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Click the blue button below to open the report. In the “find” section, enter the identifying search information. Some victims do not provide their social security number and date of birth at the time of application; to obtain the claim number, please call Victim Services at 1-800-745-6098.


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