Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Logo for Crime Victims Funds.The Crime Victims’ Compensation Program was created in 1981 with the passage of the Crime Victims’ Compensation Act. The purpose of the Crime Victims Compensation Act is to provide a method of compensation for victims of violent crimes. All funds come from federal and state offenders through fines and penalty assessments. An arrest of the offender does NOT have to take place in order to be eligible to file a claim; however, the victim and/or claimant is expected to fully cooperate in the apprehension, investigation, and prosecution of the perpetrator. The claimant is also expected to fully cooperate with the District Attorney’s Office and Victims Compensation Board staff during the processing of the claim.

The program’s ability to provide financial assistance to crime victims is directly related to the health of the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund. Through a partnership that includes the Legislature, the Courts, the District Attorneys Council, individual elected District Attorneys, crime victims, and crime victim advocates, revenues to the fund are sufficient to meet the ongoing financial needs of victims at this time. For more funding information and sources.

By working with the Legislature to put victims first, and by remaining true to the statute that created this Fund, success and stability has been achieved. While the Crime Victims’ Compensation Program is proud of its past and the productivity it has achieved, we are committed to making every effort to ensure that victims continue to receive all possible assistance from this program, as defined by statute. We encourage staff to find creative and simple ways to reduce their workload by using technology. We work closely with those receiving grants from the Victims of Crime Act fund to ensure that helping crime victims obtain compensation is given high priority. We are confident about our future, and committed to enhancing the level of service that people have come to expect from the Crime Victims Compensation Program and the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council.

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